Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Open Government Data Initiatives in East Africa

1Ugwu Jovita Nnenna, 2Ugwuanyi Ifeoma Perpetua, 3Asuma Mariita Nchaga, 4Tushabe Hadijah, 5Eric Mabonga and 4Tom Ongesa Nyamboga

1Department of Publication and Extension Kampala International University Uganda.

2Department of Educational Management Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu Nigeria.

3Department of Public Administration Kampala International University Uganda

4Department of Business and Management Kampala International University Uganda

5Accounting and Finance, Kampala International University, Uganda


Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives in East Africa represent a transformative approach to governance, aiming to promote transparency, accountability, citizen engagement, innovation, and economic development. These initiatives seek to make government data openly accessible to the public, empowering citizens to scrutinize government actions, monitor public spending, and participate in decision-making processes. However, the implementation of OGD initiatives faces several challenges, including infrastructure limitations, data quality and availability issues, data privacy and security concerns, and the lack of clear legal and policy frameworks. Addressing these challenges requires significant investments in technological infrastructure, data management practices, capacity building, and policy reform. Despite the challenges, OGD initiatives present numerous opportunities for driving positive change and fostering socio-economic development in East Africa. By promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen participation, OGD initiatives lay the foundation for a more inclusive, responsive, and prosperous society.

Keywords: Open Government Data (OGD), East Africa, Challenges, Opportunities, Governance

CITE AS: Ugwu Jovita Nnenna, Ugwuanyi Ifeoma Perpetua, Asuma Mariita Nchaga, Tushabe Hadijah, Eric Mabonga and Tom Ongesa Nyamboga (2024). Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Open Government Data Initiatives in East Africa. IAA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 10(2):1-11.