Community Radio and the promotion of gender equality. A case study of Nyabihoko Sub-County, Ntungamo District

 Agaba Ezra and Isabirye Joel

College of Humanities Kampala International University


One of the primary roles played by media within communities is fostering unity among people and society as a whole. Community radio serves as a crucial tool in achieving this objective. It is widely acknowledged that community media can encompass various aspects, such as shared interests, locality, and cultural identity. This study focuses on the intersection of community radio and women’s empowerment, examining how community media uniquely challenges discriminatory traditions and empowers women. Drawing on multiple development paradigms and feminist theories, the research investigates the extent to which community radio stations contribute to promoting gender equality. The study employs a case study approach in Nyabihoko sub-county, Ntungamo district, Uganda. Utilizing a mixed-methods design, data was gathered from various stakeholders, including clan elders, religious leaders, local council representatives, community-based organizations, and youth, through surveys and qualitative interviews. The research revealed that community radio plays a significant role in enhancing women’s empowerment, serving as a vital catalyst for positive change. The findings demonstrate that community radio support significantly contributes to bolstering women’s empowerment. After analyzing the collected data, including mean and standard deviation calculations, it became evident that there exists a notable relationship between women’s empowerment and gender equality. These findings shed light on the strategies and mechanisms employed by community radio to address gender disparities within the local context. They offer valuable insights for policymakers, media practitioners, and development institutions seeking to leverage the potential of community media for social transformation and empowerment.

Keywords: Women empowerment, Radio, Media, Gender equality

CITE AS: Agaba Ezra and Isabirye Joel (2024). Community Radio and the promotion of gender equality. A case study of Nyabihoko Sub-County, Ntungamo District. IAA JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION 10(1):1-13.