Curbing Unemployment through African Traditional Education System


Ugwu Jovita Nnenna

The burden of unemployment is currently taking its toll on the government of the day as more of its youth are engaged in different forms of crime and deadly agitations. The rise in Nigeria’s social unrest cannot be detached from the spiralling youth unemployment. The young people who would have engaged in one meaningful job now divert their talent and skilful energy to unholy activities, thus giving rise to the call for alternative solutions to the nation’s difficulties. Accordingly, traditional education which can be classified as informal system of education is a sub system of the African culture. It has its foundation laid among African families with parents saddled with the responsibility of transferring knowledge and technical knowhow to their children. African traditional education takes the form of knowledge transfer.  This system of education lingers from time of old and cuts across all passages of life: toddler to childhood and adolescent to late adulthood. This paper therefore mirrors the interaction between African traditional culture and an enduring human development of the child. It further examines traditional education and its impact on individuals, families and the society at large, with special focus on its ability to curb unemployment in the African society.
Keywords: Unemployment, youth, and African traditional education





Ugwu Jovita Nnenna (2023).Curbing Unemployment through African Traditional Education System. IAA Journal of Management,10(1):8-13.