Decentralization and service delivery in government aided primary schools of Buremba Sub-County


Kukundakwe Rosen and Samanya Bulhan

This study mainly focused on how decentralizations have led to effective service delivery
in Government Aided Primary Schools in Buremba Sub County, Kiruhura District. This
research specifically focused on finding out the role of decentralization towards service
delivery, the challenges faced in the decentralization process and the solutions employed
to overcome the challenges faced in Buremba Sub County. The study was conducted within
Buremba sub County, and the focus was on how decentralization policies have led to
service delivery in local governments. It was conducted in April 2018, and focus was on
elected local leaders, opposition leaders and the local citizens within the municipality. Data
was collected using random and purposive sampling techniques with the help of
questionnaires and interview guides, using a descriptive design which included both
qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Data was collected, analyzed and
interpreted using tables and graphs respectively using questionnaires and interview guides.
The study comprised of 80 respondents, of who included 40 elected local council leaders
with in the municipality, 20 opposition political and 20 local citizens. These were
purposively and randomly selected. Findings disclosed that decentralization has improved
on the extent of delivery like in education, health, agricultural advisory services and rural
infrastructure. Though contradictions indicate that there is a decline in service delivery
mainly due to corruption and misallocation of funds, there is a problem of financing and
donor influence, where donors give funding with strings attached which reduces efficiency
and allocation of resources to the neediest areas. Corruption from the administrative part,
unrealistic projections and political influence has limited decentralization program
implementation. However, through various measures, including increasing domestic
funding and establishing training and information exchange networks at several levels,
both at Community and national or regional levels, various forms of experience have been
shared and achieved. This has been improved through seeking legal assistance where there
is the interpretation of the law poses. Lastly, by stopping political influence, has to a large
extent affected the implementation of the decentralization program.
Keywords: Decentralization, service delivery, government, and primary schools
Keywords: Decentralization, service delivery, government, and primary schools





Kukundakwe Rosen and Samanya Bulhan (2023).Decentralization and service delivery in government aided primary schools
of Buremba Sub-County. IAA Journal of Management 10(1):78-88.