Effect of Social Media Use on Drug Abuse among Youths in Nigeria: Implications for Youth Education


Eze Chidinma Esther

Substance abuse has become a major problem at different levels, ranging from personal,  national to  global levels, and  lack  of  research  has  set  back progress  in  trying  to  address  this  public  health  concern.  It  is  a  major  problem  because  the celebrities  and  personalities  who  accept  to  be  used  for  advertisements  or  promotions  for industries may not understand the long term effect of substance abuse such as depression, queer behaviour, sexual and domestic violence. Meanwhile, substance use is rampant and often glorified by celebrities on social media. There have been reports of social media being used as a strategy for selling drugs, with hashtags facilitating the process of pairing buyers with sellers. As such, it is believed that because celebrities promote drugs and alcohol use on social media sites by making smoking and drinking seem like fun, young people who see such messages are often encouraged to experiment with the same products. Accordingly, social media have become a source of exposure to two different sources of influence associated with youth alcohol use and peer alcohol behaviour and adverting, with far-reaching effects. This informed this research which aimed to ascertain the effect of social media use on drug abuse, with special focus on the implications for youth education.
Keywords: Drug abuse, social media and youths





Eze Chidinma Esther (2023).Effect of Social Media Use on Drug Abuse among Youths in Nigeria: Implications for Youth Education.IAA Journal of Management 10(1):20-26.