Influence of New Media on the Academic Performance of Students


Ugwu Jovita Nnenna

Academic excellence or achievement plays an important role in an individual’s placement,
be it in the academic institutions or job placement. Due to this, many people are concerned
with the ways they can enhance their academic achievement. The emphasis on academic
excellence which is also prevalent worldwide has encouraged many studies about the
conditions promoting it. The role of academic achievement as one of the predictors of
one’s life success and also in the aspect of academic placement in schools as well as the
level of employability in one’s career is inevitable. A direct relationship exists between
new media usage and the academic performance of students in universities. However
the darker side within technological evolution has resulted in dilemmas such as the
setback of real values of life, especially among students who form the majority of users
interacting through the use of social networking sites. Online social networking sites focus
on building and reflecting social associations among people who share interests and or
activities. With so many social networking sites displayed on the internet, students
are tempted to abandon their homework and reading times in preference for chatting
online with friends. Many students are now addicted to the online rave of the moment, with
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, among others. Consequently, this paper reviews the influence of
the new media on the academic performance of students.
Keywords: Social media, students, internet, academic performance





Ugwu Jovita Nnenna (2023). Influence of New Media on the Academic Performance of Students. IAA Journal Arts and Humanities 10(1):1-19, 2023.