Online Marketing and Buying Behaviour of Jumia Customers in Calabar, Nigeria

1Aneozeng Awo Egbe, 2Jude U. Bassey, 2Abiji, Emmanuel Abiji, 2Otiala Paul Boniface

and 2Undie, Godwin Ititim

1Department of Business Administration, Cross River State University Calabar, Nigeria.

2Department of Business Administration, Kampala International University, Uganda.

 Corresponding Author Email:; Phone:+2348037101323


This study examines the relationship between online marketing and the purchasing patterns of Jumia consumers in Calabar. Using 130 Calabar-based Jumia consumers, a sample of 97 was drawn using the Krejcie and Morgan Table (1970). Pearson’s product moment correlation was utilized to analyse the collected data. Findings confirm a significant correlation exists between customers’ trust and purchasing behaviour, and between perceived value and customer reviews and the purchasing behaviour of customers. At the end, the recommends for Jumia to frequently use online marketing platforms because it makes their marketing strategies more interactive with customers, and enables them obtain more customer insights, reviews, and feedbacks, thereby making them feel like an integral part of the brand. More so, it was suggested that Jumia Calabar use social media to share positive testimonials of consumers who previously utilised their services, so that prospects and those who are already intending to buy can relate more.

Keywords: Online Marketing; Customer buying behaviour; Customer Trust; Customer Reviews; Jumia Calabar; social media

CITE AS: Aneozeng Awo Egbe, Jude U. Bassey, Abiji, Emmanuel Abiji, Otiala Paul Boniface and Undie, Godwin Ititim (2024). Online Marketing and Buying Behaviour of Jumia Customers in Calabar, Nigeria. IAA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 10(1):23-33.