Pupils’ Attitude and English Performance in Primary Schools in Lwengo Sub-County, Lwengo District

Twikiriize Absolom

Faculty of Education Kampala International University Uganda.


This study aimed to examine the relationship between pupils’ performance in English and their attitudes toward the subject in primary schools. The study had two main objectives: to identify the factors that influence English performance in Lwengo subcounty and to assess the level of pupils’ attitudes towards English in the same subcounty. A descriptive survey research design was used, with a study population of 170 respondents and a sample size of 133 participants. The findings revealed that factors such as instructional materials, government policies, and teacher-related factors played a significant role in English performance. Additionally, the study found that positive attitudes towards English were associated with higher levels of performance. The government should prioritize the training of more teachers to accommodate the growing number of students in English classes. District education officers and school administrators should also arrange workshops and refresher courses to enhance teachers’ skills in teaching the English language. Furthermore, the government should consider improving teachers’ remuneration to ensure sufficient numbers of full-time teachers. Regular school inspections should be conducted to monitor teacher and student attendance. Finally, the school administration should organize debates, seminars, and presentations to enhance the communication skills and competencies of both students and teachers.
Keywords: English language, government, absenteeism, pupils.

CITE AS: Twikiriize Absolom (2024).Pupils’ Attitude and English Performance in Primary Schools in Lwengo Sub-County, Lwengo District. IAA Journal of Education, 10(1):10-16. https://doi.org/10.59298/IAAJE/2024/10110.16