Toxicological Effects of Chemical Constituents of Cosmetics


Ogenyi Franca C.

The cosmetic market in Nigeria is currently flooded with a variety of cosmetic products in
response to the high demands for such products. Certain chemicals that are part of
cosmetic formulations have been found to be harmful, and the usage of cosmetic products
containing such chemicals portends danger for human health. Sadly, in spite of the
regulations put in place to prevent or minimize the presence of such ingredients in
cosmetic brands, heavy metals, organic and inorganic chemical substances are still very
much in them. Cosmetic and skin lightening products are in high usage in every country of
the world, especially among women of all ages, but with low knowledge of hazardous effect
it possess to human health. Skin rashes, multiple stretch marks, yellowish brown
colouration, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, renal failure and cancer are some of the
toxicological and health hazards associated with cosmetic product usage and are linked to
poisonous substances used in cosmetic preparation. In many cases, cosmetic product
manufacturers, importers and marketers conceal the real constituent of cosmetics by not
listing them in the product label. This paper concludes that, it is imperative for the
government to ensure that regulatory agencies in the country are up and doing by actively
regulating and monitoring the activities of cosmetic product manufacturers, by insisting
that the real contents of cosmetics are listed on the product label, while harmful ones are
Keywords: Toxicological, Chemical, Cosmetics, diabetes mellitus, renal failure and cancer.





Ogenyi Franca C. (2023). Toxicological Effects of Chemical Constituents of Cosmetics. IAA Journal of Applied Sciences 9(1):33-39.