Assessment of the Status of the Existing Solid Waste Collection, Transportation Disposal, and Treatment Practices in Soroti District, Uganda

Omoding Jacob and Suzan Luyiga

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Kampala International University


Municipal solid waste management has emerged as a significant concern in numerous regions, particularly with the escalating volume of waste generated daily due to population growth. This environmental issue is particularly acute in developing economies like Uganda. Consequently, a study was undertaken to assess the state of existing practices regarding solid waste collection, transportation, disposal, and treatment in Soroti District. Employing a cross-sectional survey design, data was gathered from 314 individuals, including employees, councilors, traders, and household members. Questionnaires, interviews, and observations were utilized for data collection, with informants selected through simple random and purposeful approaches. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was employed to analyze the data and formulate frequency percentage tables. The investigation revealed a myriad of challenges concerning solid waste management planning and organization. In Soroti Municipality, various methods are employed for collecting, transporting, and disposing of solid waste in designated sites. The study determined that private individuals and businesses operating within the municipality are primarily responsible for solid waste disposal, typically utilizing bags for collection. However, these methods were found to be largely inadequate in addressing current challenges, underscoring the necessity for improved and innovative waste management and monitoring strategies in Soroti, Uganda. Such measures are crucial for preventing disease outbreaks and associated public health issues.

Keywords: Soroti Municipality, Solid waste, Population, Transportation, Disposal, Collection

CITE AS: Omoding Jacob and Suzan Luyiga (2024). Assessment of the Status of the Existing Solid Waste Collection, Transportation Disposal and Treatment Practices in Soroti District, Uganda. IAA Journal of Applied Sciences 11(2):35-49.